Partner with Us

Our products are best experienced in person and we partner with selected specialty retailers, aesthetic salons, medi-spas and lash bars worldwide. We believe in the power of an in-store shopping experience and luckily, we have a line of products that sells itself!

What We Believe

Beyond just a product, we strive to be a brand that our customers can trust and support. Because of this, we continuously try to improve the customer’s experience and partnering with stores that share these values is a priority.

Why Become A Reseller?

Limited Distribution – We pride ourselves on limiting our distribution to only specialty retailers (no big box or 3rd party websites) that align with our vision.

Tight Assortment – Our product assortment is purposefully tight and focused. We make the ordering process easy for retailers to bring it our products and keep them filled in for maximum inventory turns.

Service – We make the ordering process as easy as possible and go the extra mile to make sure all of our retailers have all the resources needed to succeed.


The modern-day beauty industry can often be detrimental to our physical health, mental health, and the environment. ILASH believes that nobody should compromise their health or principles in order to look beautiful. In fact, we believe that the healthier and more empowered you are, the better you feel. That is why we wanted to take a different approach to beauty.

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