Puffingmuffin x ILASH: Candice Phang's Take On Hair, Motherhood and Sustainability

We have teamed up with Singapore-based artist and illustrator Candice Phang, better known as Puffingmuffin to create a limited-edition tote bag.

Made with 100% recycled cotton, this eco-friendly tote bag is designed with style and practicality in mind so we all can look good while reducing carbon footprint.

Here, she shares the idea that inspried the design.

Candice (@puffingmuffin)


Could you take us into how and what inspired you with the finished art work?

I’m inspired by the idea of ‘growth’ in a very natural way, which brings me to the concept of exploring nature and plants. I think plants are the best representation in the sense that its growth is very similar to our hair — we don’t exactly see it growing with our bare eyes but if we take measurements or look at it from time to time, we can definitely tell that it is in fact growing!


Before the design process with Ilash, have you ever thought about enhancing your lashes, brows or hair?

It has crossed my mind before but I’ve never given serious consideration about it. I’ve always wanted fuller hair but I was able to live with my existing hair condition. There was only a dire need for it after I gave birth (last November) and experience postpartum hair loss. That was when I decided to do something about it.


Since the design process, which product or products were you most excited to try and what has been your experience?

I was most excited to try the IHAIR Hair Densifying Serum. I’ve been using it diligently for slightly over a month and I’m already starting to see some results, it’s amazing! I can see very short baby hair sprouting out and it’s really encouraging!


Would you share with our readers, your experiences and any tips on juggling your creative work with being a mother? What challenges do you face and what is the rewarding part?

As a first-time mom who's also a self-employed creative, it’s definitely challenging to cope with all the changes and balancing work and motherhood. It’s such a steep learning curve but also truly rewarding — watching my baby smile is probably the most rewarding part of all.

To me, motherhood / parenting is all about trial and error. All our experiences are unique, so just do whatever that works for you and baby. And in the process, be kind to yourself and give yourself plenty of love and grace! It’s perfectly okay seek and receive help from friends and family.


What is your thoughts on sustainable material? Did you know our tote bag with your design on is printed on 100% recycled cotton?

I’m all for sustainability! :) It’s fantastic that the tote bag is printed on 100% recycled cotton. As much as possible, I’ll do what I can to prevent material wastage, such as recycling/reusing plastic packaging, repurposing excess paper scraps and cardboard boxes for my cats (as toys/cat bed) etc. A little from each of us goes a long way!



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