A Guide To Longer Looking Lashes

Full, fluttering lashes make you look and feel instantly more beautiful! We’ve rounded up some tips & tricks from the pros on how to get luscious lashes that would make even Bambi jealous!

NO. 1

Treat your lashes with TLC (tender loving care) 💕

According to research, we love an average of 1‑4 eyelashes each day 😱 If you’re losing more than this, it could be due to rubbing your eyes, poor nutrition or the harsh removal of your eye makeup.

Use a gentle makeup remover that’s specifically formulated to take care of the delicate eye area, including your lashes.

NO. 2

Use a Lash Serum 🥇

Get long, fluttery lashes naturally with our award‑winning ILASH Conditioning Serum!🌱 ILASH combines our proprietary Nano‑Peptide Complex with a custom blend of scientifically proven nutrients so your lashes appear luscious and voluminous in only 3 weeks!

NO. 3

Stick with it 💪🏼

You have to be dedicated to using an eyelash serum if you want to see results! Be patient 🙏🏼 The results will depend on each individual’s hair growth cycle, which is different from everyone. Don’t forget to use your ILASH serum at least once a day, at night before bed. 🌙

NO. 4

Go Natural ✨

Taking an occasional break from mascara can also help your lashes get into optimum condition. 👌🏼 Have a day off from wearing eye makeup, or once a week. Make sure to remove your makeup as soon as you get home from work or when you finish your last work Zoom call. 🤓

NO. 5

Try a Lash Lift to Enhance Your Natural Lashes 🤩

Consider trying a lash lift a few weeks after using your ILASH serum. Once your lashes start looking long and luscious, get a lash lift to enhance your existing lashes for a 100% natural fluttery look and feel. 🦋

Step up your lash game!

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