5 Women Share What They Really Think of ILASH Eyelash Conditioning Serum

Words cannot express just how excited we are when we read reviews and see pictures of our customers' lash transformation after using ILASH Eyelash Conditioning Serum.

We spoke to five women to hear their thoughts on their journey with using the product. Read on for their reviews!

silver ang ilash serum review


I've never been consistent with using lash serums simply because lazy. I'm very super no fuss. But since I agreed to do a review I gave myself 1 month. I wasn't exactly 100% compliant because there were just nights when I just concussed and fell asleep whenever and woke up and it's already the next day. Still, I was pretty impressed with the results given my weak consistency.

So after going back to my lash extensions when phase 1 was over, I found that it's not that the lashes had grown thicker per strand, but I had grown a lot more lashes. I now have 4-5 layers of lashes, which in normal layman terms means I have thicker and fuller lashes. I'm definitely impressed!

If you're one of those who barely have any lashes (especially if you like doing lash extensions and you don't have much hair for them to do lash extensions on), this is definitely worth a try. Or if you just want thicker and fuller lashes so you look better with just the good old eyelash curler and mascara (those were my favourites before I could afford good lash extensions!)

arinahzaimah ilash review


My lashes dropped so much due to excessive rubbing. After using ILASH serum for weeks, my lashes has improved so much! I’m so impressed and amazed that this serum actually works. My friends always compliments how long my lashes are and asked if I was wearing eyelash extensions or did a lash lift. And the answer is NO and these are my natural lashes!

I believe this serum is a good investment because my lashes are so long so I can choose not to use mascara and just curl my lashes. Don’t even need to spend on eyelash extension anymore, which is 60-100 dollars a month.

iamjolene ilash review


My experience with ILASH Eyelash Conditioning Serum was that my lashes with extensions on grew awry very quickly when I first applied. I've only dropped 4 lashes after 2 weeks of getting lash extensions. It’s really amazing as usually after 1 week, my lashes would start to drop during their shedding cycle. There’s a part on my left lash that’s always bald. With continuous use of the serum, 2 new baby lashes have actually grown at the sparse spot and my extensions look more even now too! Overall, the product really helps strengthen my lashes especially when I have eyelash extensions.

 aikokat ilash review

@ aikokat

Getting my eyelashes to grow longer and thicker is definitely not that easy for me. The consequences of having eyelashes extensions over the years. I have tried many eyelash serum before, but due to my sensitive lids, they tend to irritate my eyes after applying. After trying out ILASH Eyelash Conditioning Serum, I’ve noticed my short thin lashes has grown thicker and longer in just a week time! I'm so glad I try out this amazing eyelash serum, no irritation, and just one application every night before I sleep!

entertwined ilash review


I always love a good lash extension or falsies but they're just not sustainable in the long run for me because of the cost and maintenance. Hence I always feel it's a better option GROWING them! I've made much progress in my lash growth since I started using this serum every night for 2 weeks. I expected to see longer lashes, but mine grew more in volume than length- this is different for every individual!

lash serum


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