Lash & Rest Set
Lash & Rest Set
Lash & Rest Set
Lash & Rest Set
Lash & Rest Set
Lash & Rest Set
Lash & Rest Set
Lash & Rest Set

Lash & Rest Set

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This limited-edition LASH & REST Set is everything you need to achieve the ultimate lash transformation!

Take a break from lash extensions and grow your lashes naturally with ILASH®! Give your lashes the lovin' it deserves with our cult favourite ILASH® Conditioning Serum. Plus treat yourself to a soft and silky 100% Mulberry Silk Anti-Aging Sleep Mask by ILASH ®️.

ILash®️ Pure Mulberry Silk Anti-Aging Eye Mask :

Crafted from 100% natural Mulberry Silk, ILASH®️ Pure Mulberry Silk Anti-Aging Eye Mask is made with 100% Mulberry silk to give you the ultimate comfort for your sleep. Our hypoallergenic Sleep Masks are what dreams are made of! This hypoallergenic Eye Mask prevents facial creasing, fine lines and damage to skin cells, whilst allowing lashes to glide over without snagging, maintaining soft, sleek lashes and minimising damage to lashes. ILASH®️ Pure Mulberry Silk Anti-Aging Eye Mask promotes natural hydration and enhances the effectiveness of ILASH®️ Conditioning Serum and your night eye creams. Leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised! Resistant to dust and house mites.
    • ILASH® Conditioning Serum (5ml)
    • ILASH®️ Pure Mulberry Silk Anti-Aging Eye Mask

ILASH® is a lash conditioning serum formulated to help you get longer, fuller, and thicker lashes naturally! 

When used daily ILASH® will help you to achieve longer, fuller and thicker lashes naturally. You will see a noticeable change in your lashes within 3-6 weeks.

ILASH®️ Pure Mulberry Silk Anti-Aging Eye Mask

Indulge your eyes in darkness and softness for a good night's sleep while it's natural properties restore hydration to the eye area throughout the night. 

ILASH®️ Conditioning Serum

Will help you to achieve longer, fuller and thicker lashes naturally.

  • Water based can be used with eyelash extension 
  • Strengthen lashes
  • Enhances lashes 
  • Smooths over damaged lashes
  • Results within 3-6 weeks

ILASH®️ Pure Mulberry Silk Anti-Aging Eye Mask

Hypoallergenic, Odourless, handmade to perfection with 100% Mulberry Silk.

  • Both sides of mask are made from 100% Mulberry Silk
  • Anti-Aging and protects lashes from damage 
  • Regulates temperature and moisture
  • Soothing on the delicate eye area, feels like second skin
  • Elastic band that goes on the head comfortably
  • Effectively blocks out light 


Mulberry Silk vs. Normal Silk

100% Natural, pure white in color and made up of individual long fibers
Provides a smooth, slippery barrier for your face preventing sleep creases and wrinkles.
Hypoallergenic and Odourless
Contains a natural protein called Sericin that reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction
Mulberry Silk is a healthy and safe choice for those with allergies
Mulberry silk is more refined than other types of silk


How to apply ILASH®

Apply ILASH nightly to clean, dry skin. Wipe away excess serum and apply a small thin line of ILASH® Serum along the base of your upper lash line.


For best results, alternate the direction of your application each time you use ILASH®.Apply starting from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye for the first application. Next application will be applied from the outer corner to the inner corner of your eye. This will give the most uniform results to your lashes.

Step 3

After application, allow the serum to dry for 1-2 minutes. Once dry, apply your normal skin care regime.

NOTE: Apply once a day before bed. Contact lens users are advised to remove contact lenses before applying

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Cristine C.
Singapore, Singapore
Amazing results in 3 weeks!

My eyelashes are quite short but after using ilash conditioning serum for 3.5 weeks, I see some results :) Will continued to apply before bedtime. I purchased the ilash & rest set but I did not received the eyelash growth ruler so can't took pictures before & after.