ILASH Eyelash Curler

ILASH Eyelash Curler

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The limited ILASH eyelash curler featuring enhanced design and upgraded features for ultimate precision that delivers the perfect curl.

Key Features

  • Upgraded silicone pad provides a protective, stay-put edge
  • Improved safety and optimum curl
  • With the upgraded silicone pads , it is super comfortable and doesn’t hurt the eye lids
  • Curved angle suits all eye shapes
  • Calculated shape and size of frame length and ergonomic handles ensure stability and control
  • Easy to use
Why Mulberry Silk?
Highest Quality Silk

Mulberry silk is finer and smoother, making it more luxurious and smooth feeling upon your skin. It is both strong and long-lasting, making it the silk of choice for preventing friction when sleeping. Which in time helps with slight prevention of wrinkle formation.